Supplemental Insurance

Are you having difficulties financing unexpected medical expenses incurred from your trips to healthcare professionals due to the inadequate coverage of your primary insurance plan? With exceeding health care premium costs, it is becoming increasingly more challenging for individuals and families to continuously pay out of their pockets for hospital visitations and medications for what would seem like minor ailments. As such, individuals and families may choose to avoid consulting a doctor until an individual becomes critically ill or injured. Fortunately, supplemental health insurance can be an alternate solution that resolves this dilemma for many individuals and households. Learn more about what supplemental insurance is and what it can do for you.

What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

Supplemental insurance is essentially a medical insurance plan that compensates for costs that surpass the minimum health care expenses. Depending on the specific supplemental insurance category you might be considering, purchasing supplemental insurance can either subsidize amounts that are not included in basic health care insurance plans or can contribute further medical reimbursements. The settlements you receive can be used to recompense for any unforeseen expenditures pertaining to existing health conditions and injuries that have yet to be claimed.

How Are Supplement Insurance Benefits Dispensed?

Supplemental insurance plans, in accordance with their respective sets of policies, issue disbursements to pay benefits to the insured. For instance, disease-specific insurance policies may yield a one-time cash benefit that aids in alleviating the insured’s taxing day to day payments relating to either experimental treatments, childcare and household help or living expenses. Hospital Indemnity Insurance operates under a slightly different set of procedures as one-time or weekly cash settlements are only issued if the insured has been hospitalized for a severe health or injury condition.

Supplemental Health Insurance with Statewide Benefits

At Statewide Insurance in Rocky River, OH, we know that out of pocket costs for health care are at an all-time high. Our supplemental insurance programs can even cover serious illnesses including cancer, heart attack and stroke, all of which we pay directly to you and not to hospitals and doctors. This keeps you in control of your financial health, helps offset lost wages from work, travel expenses, room and board while you seek treatment, co-pays and deductible costs, and experimental drugs.

With the security of a supplemental insurance plan, you no longer have to prolong postponing important health checkups until something serious arises. You and your family will all able to receive appropriate health consultations without the lingering anxiety over unpaid expenses. Your household will even be covered for serious illnesses and the financial hardship associated with them. Now is the time to contact us about supplemental insurance for you and your family.


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